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the first authentic hotel on the Gallipoli peninsula

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holding about 30 men and went inland.
The boats
some 50 yards from shore and we jumped into the water and waded ashore- a very difficult task as the water was over our waists and we had a decent weight to carry.

“From trench and turret”, (London-2006), S.M. Holloway, p. 86.

As we drew near the land it grew light quiet suddenly and we were able to see the point at which we were to land. It appeared from a distance to be an impossible landing, but as we drew nearer it was not so sheer at first supposed…
The next few minutes were the most exciting I had experienced… We got out of the trawlers into small boats

Hamilton was in fact witnessing the unauthorised evacuation of the Y Beach force. The Turks, although heavily outnumbered, had pressed forward their attacks throughout the night with great determination, and a confused battle had raged for several hours. By dawn the British had suffered heavy casualties, Colonel Koe was dead, and many of the men had





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shot away almost all their ammunition; the fact that the Marines used different rifles and ammunition from the rest of the force increased the confusion. The Turks had also suffered heavily, and sensibly withdrew at dawn out of respect for the guns of the warships; as soon as the Navy realised what was going on, ammunition was ferried to the shore.

“Gallipoli”, Robert Rhodes James, p. 133

“Y beach” ! The Scottish Borderer cried
As he climbed up the steep hillside,
To call this beach is a bit stiff
It’s nothing but a ruddy cliff !
Y Beach ?

Jacky Churchill quoted in Gallipoli Revisited, (London 1934), W. E. Stanton Hope, p.19

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