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Between Steele’s and the Pine there was a deep ravine known as Wire Gully; at the height of the ridge there was a small indentation which was covered by the fire of both sides and was never occupied. Once A Turkish soldier who had lost his way wandered to the top of the ridge and beheld the teeming life of Monash Valley; after standing for a second in astonishment, he fled to his lines, pursued by a volley of bullets. He was probably the only soldier of either side after April 25th who stood on this bullet-swept ‘nick’ in the line and lived to tell the story.

“Gallipoli”, Robert Rhodes James, p. 174







"The tracks to and from the front were all like this one up Wire Gully... or worse. Everything needed in the front line had to be humped up tracks like this, and the sick or wounded had to make their way back down again.", picture reproduced from “Gallipoli Illustrated”, (Blair Athol-1981), Kit Denton, p. 26.


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