The Gallipoli Houses - the first "hotel de charme" on the peninsula



white house / brown house


the first authentic hotel on the Gallipoli peninsula

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the Gallipoli Houses


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"Early honours for the R.N.D. at Gallipoli - The failure to take Krithia on April 28 led to the second battle of Krithia.  The attack on the Turkish positions was planned to begin on May 6, and on that day thehe Hood Battalion of the Royal Naval Division won an early success by capturing the position known as "White House" seen in this photograph.  The man in the centre, with his hand to his mouth, is Lieutenant Ferguson, who was killed in action a month later.  The battle resulted in an advance of the Allied line of between 400 and 600 yards.", period picture reproduced from "Twenty Years After", p. 384










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