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the first authentic hotel on the Gallipoli peninsula

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“Maoris hauling a tank to a terrace constructed near the summit of Plugge’s for water-storage”, picture reproduced from “The Story of Anzac", (Sydney 1981) Volume II, Charles E. W. Bean, p. 463.





One old man, now in his nineties and blind, told me, ‘The water was the worst thing, especially at first, before we sort of got used to it. Never enough of it was the thing and what there was came up warm and brackish. I remember one time, been there about a week, I had a sip left in my canteen in the morning and I had that about ten o’clock. It was bright and sunny then and it got damn hot a bit later on and what we had for food was tinned bully and some biscuits. The water came up about two o’clock that day in so we waited on after we got our ration of a mug full each man and stood it in bits of shade here and there. By the time it cooled down a bit there was dust on top of it and just about when I was going to drink some of mine there’s this young bloke, a



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smart young feller from Sydney, and he tells us the old Turk’s got plenty of nice clean water back behind his lines, enough to have a swim if he felt like it. Well, I looked at him and I said, Straight off, “Why don’t you piss off over there than, Les?”

 “Gallipoli Illustrated”, (Blair Athol 1981), Kit Denton, p. 58-59







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"Men of the Maori Contingent drag watertanks on to Plugge's Plateau", period picture reproduced from "Te Hokowhitu A Tu, the Maori Pioneer Battalion in the first world war". (Auckland-1995), C. Pugsley, p. 38.


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