The Gallipoli Houses





turkish trenches above v-beach

the first authentic hotel on the Gallipoli peninsula

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battlefield reminders and relics in gallipoliturkish trenches above v-beach - 1915

the Gallipoli HousesHELLES-trenches, tunnels & dugouts

Robeck, told Hamilton that ‘not one living soul has been seen, since the engagement of our marines at the end of February, although each morning brings forth fresh evidence of nocturnal activity’.

"Gallipoli, the Turkish story", (Crows Nest 2003), Kevin Fewster, Vecihi Başarın, Hatice Hürmüz Başarın, p. 58

Even before von Sanders took command, Ottoman troops in the peninsula had begun systematically to improve their defensive position. Trenches were dug overlooking likely landing points and barbed wire or other barricades were stretched across the shallows near the beaches. In many instances, tools and equipment were in short supply so the fences of gardens and fields were of wood and wire. All this work was done at nights so not to alert the enemy. The scheme did not fool the British, but it certainly worried them. A senior British naval officer, Admiral de

"V beach in May", picture reproduced from "Images of Gallipoli", (Melbourne 1985), P.A. Pedersen, p.57



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trenches, dugouts & tunnels - Helles