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As darkness fell on V Beach, men cold lift their heads at last, and for a time movement was almost unrestricted. The thousand or so men in River Clyde were landed, and the piteously crying wounded had to wait until this was accomplished; many crawled to the end of the rock spit which stretched invitingly towards the collier, and, as Wedgwood bitterly related, ‘there they slowly sank and died’. Soon the moon rose, the firing broke out again from the sinister blackness of the castle and the village, and movement ceased.

“Gallipoli”, Robert Rhodes James, p. 128














"The River Clyde at V beach, 25th April 1915 by Charles Dixon", period picture reproduced from a seasons' greetings card by the Gallipoli association.





Arthur Behrend has recorded that when his regiment approached Sedd-el-Bahr at the beginning of May they passed an improvised hospital ship leaving the Peninsula, ‘Our men roared out in unison, “ Are we downhearted?” There was no answer for a moment, and then a single hoarse croak came across the water, “ You bloody soon will be!”

“Gallipoli”, Robert Rhodes James, p. 142

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