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the first authentic hotel on the Gallipoli peninsula

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The way down into the Gully or up from there into the front-line trenches near here was along the side of a long path that meandered over the steep sides of the ravine and which was naturally called Zig Zag. The distinctive shape of the path is not visible from the bed of the ravine; but it is possible to force a path through the scrub, following the course of tractor tracks and gaps between the thickets of trees, to reach the edge of the cliff down which it ran and it is only really when looking down into the Gully from this height, perched precariously above the steep cliff-face, that the real depth of the ravine can be seen. From the head of the Zig Zag two support trenches ran across to Twelve Tree Copse called Fusilier and Lancashire Streets; between them and the front line four hundred yards ahead ran a complicated network of British trenches.

"The Battlefields of Gallipoli", Then and Now, (London 1990), Nigel Steele, p. 97


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"Approach to Gully Ravine - Gully Ravine, Great Gully, or Zighin Dere, is an immense ravine with deep and confusing tributary gullies running into it, and with rugged banks , in some places 50 ft high.  It lies roughly parallel with the west coast, beginning above Gully beach and extending northwards behind Y beach.  This photograph shows the way down into the Ravine from Lancashire Street", period picture reproduced from "Twenty Years After", p. 384


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