The Gallipoli Houses

the olive grove


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battlefield reminders and relics in gallipoli

the Gallipoli Houses






"One of the gun-pits at the olive grove-the emplacment of a 15 cm howitzer.  The western side of the Kilitbahir plateau is in the background." period picture reproduced from "Gallipoli Mission", (Crows Nest 1990), Charles E. W. Bean, p. 234

famous battlefield locations - Anzac

According to the unknown author of a 1917 publication, The Story of the Anzacs, ‘ On an average, “Beachy “ is said to have accounted for twelve men a day.’ Whether ‘ accounted for’ meant killed or killed and wounded is

not clear; but an average of twelve men a day over eight months, added to nearly 3,000 casualties, which was not a bad score even if it included wounded. B Depot made its contribution, most of the casualties being amongst the infantry fatigue parties who were men ‘resting’ from the front line.

"These Things Happened", (Melbourne 1975), F.F. Knight, p. 147



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