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The impressive heights, resembling fortresses, which we were holding firmly, gave the 16th Army Corps a big tactical advantage, contrary to the English who, far below us, did only have in their possession the immense plain which 

surrounded the Salt Lake. With a binoculars we could clearly follow all their movements and only in a few places would the many trees, spread out in the plain, obstruct our views.  This gave us an immense feeling of security.

”Gallipoli, (Paris 1934)”, General Hans Kannengieser (translated from German by Lanoix) , p. 219-220

kavak & teke tepe


the first authentic hotel on the Gallipoli peninsula

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“Hammersley should have let his troops rest on the hills, not on the plains.”

"Defeat at Gallipoli", (London 2002), Nigel Steel & Peter Hart, p. 268

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