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taylors' gap

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the Gallipoli Houses

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The first serious check came when the column approached Walden Point. Major Percy Overton, the New Zealand scout at the head of the column, was using a Greek miller as a guide and talking to him through an interpreter. Instead of going around Walden Point, the Greek wanted to take a shortcut through Taylor’s Gap, a narrow pass between Walden’s and Bauchop’s Hill. The Greek said this would save half an hour. Overton argued with him, then agreed to the ‘shortcut’. The gorge turned out so narrow that the column had to move in single file. Turks began sniping from the hills. Engineers were sent ahead to hack a path through the dwarf oak. Taylor’s Gap is only 600 yards long but the head of the column took three hours to pass through it and reach Aghyl Dere.

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Sydney 2002), Les Carlyon, p. 381-382



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