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Meanwhile the squadron told off the assault Table Top stole quietly up to the head of the gully. With rifles spluttering in the scrub and bullets moaning on their flight out to sea, The Wellingtons scaled the steep clay sides of Table Top and went straight for the Turks. The fight did not last long. Up came the 9th and made the position secure. By his boldness and impetuosity the New Zealand Mounted man had again outclassed the enemy.









The path taken was the secret of success. The 6th Squadron who had taken the first trench came at Table Top from the front, and it took them over half an hourís hard climbing -cutting steps in the clay with bayonets- to reach the top. Foresight and ingenuity, boldness and determination were alike combined in these first successful captures.

"The New Zealanders at Gallipoli", (Auckland 1921), Major Fred Waite, p. 210.


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