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A peculiar knife-edge spur jutting out seawards from Walker's Ridge. During the early days it was known by many names such as the Sphinx, The Knife Edge, The Cathedral and The Sniper's Crevice. until it was entered on the map as The Sphinx. A legend has it that from a crevice a sniper picked off men for the first few days, until shot, but there seems to have been no foundation to this. Known to the Turks as 'Sari Bair' (Yellow Slope), this name was transferred to the entire Koja Chemen Tepe Ridge by the British War Office. To this day it remains probably the most distinctive and easily-recognisable feature of the entire Anzac sector.

Information reproduced from the "Gallipoli" website of the late Jul Snelders, a true "Gallipolian".



"the Sphinx" reproduced from a period picture (Başar Eryoner - private collection)


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