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"Pope's Hill taken from below Russel's Top.  Quinn's Post is to the right behind the spur, while Courtney's Post is out of the picture to the right.", period picture reproduced from "Gallipoli, a guide to New Zealand battlefields and memorials", (Auckland 2004), Ian McGibbon, p. 63.


The situation at the head of Monash Valley was extremely complicated, and it was some time before a fire-system was evolved which made the positions tenable.  The Turks tried to establish themselves on Dead Man's Ridge, from where they could fire into the backs of the garrison at Quinn's, but were enfiladed and dislodged by the New Zealand machine-guns on Russell's Top.  The Australians at Pope's could prevent a Turkish attack from The Nek,  The Chessboard or on Quinn's and were protected in turn by the Russell's Top troops and the Quinn's garrison.  The Turks, for their part, could prevent any movement from Russell's Top, Pope's, or Quinn's and could fire down Monash Valley at all supports and reinforcements.  It was a desperate, bitter deadlock.
 "Gallipoli", Robert Rhodes James, p. 173








"The path to Pope's Hill on the Anzac escarp-ment was so steep that steps had to be cut into



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the hill and strengthened with packing cases.  A yellow erosion scar is all that remains on Pope's today", period picture reproduced from "Gallipoli",  (Sydney 2002), Les Carlyon, p. 376

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