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plugge's plateau

the first authentic hotel on the Gallipoli peninsula

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"Bending under the weight of rifle, ammunition, packs crammed with clothing, rations, and blankets; filled waterbottle, and cooking gear, and carrying spades for entrenching, these Diggers move off the beach area and across Plugge’s Plateau towards the assault", picture reproduced from “Gallipoli Illustrated”, (Blair Athol 1981), Kit Denton, p. 20











"Plugge's seen from Brown's Dip" reproduced from a period picture (Başar Eryoner - private collection)



After Plugge’s Plateau was captured by the 3rd Australian Infantry Brigade on 25 April it was named for the commander of New Zealand Auckland Battalion. Colonel Arthur Plugge, CMG, who established headquarters there. The plateau, a position on the ‘Inner Line’ of defences, became a battery position, and housed a reservoir and, on its western slopes, Anzac Headquarters.

“Gallipoli, the Pilgrimage Guide”, (Melbourne 2007), Garrie Hutchinson, p. 57



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