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Outpost No 2 was also the location of 2 Turkish machine guns on 25th April which did so much damage to the 7th Battalion, especially to its leading company under Major Jackson, during the landing :… Approaching the shore, the men in the boats caught the sound of rifle firing.  Away on their right were other boats, bringing troops of their battalion to land, and over these they could see shrapnel bursting.  Jackson’s own boats were not advancing into shrapnel but into rifle fire.  They saw it

cutting up the water ahead.  There appeared to be two machine-guns and many rifles at work. …
It was found that, of the 140 men in the boats, there were left Major Jackson, Captain Layh, Lt Scanlan and about 35 unhurt or light-wounded soldiers.

"The story of Anzac", Volume I, (Sydney 1981), Charles E. W. Bean, p. 327-328

"Before the August offensive, the left of the Anzac line lay around a group of outposts called Nos 1, 2 and 3. This soldier's snapshot shows Anzac dugouts at Outpost No  2,", period picture reproduced from "Gallipoli Then and Now", (London 2000), Steve Newman, p. 121.

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