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the first authentic hotel on the Gallipoli peninsula

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battlefield reminders and relics in gallipolia gun at the orhaniye batteryorhaniye battery - a detail of the building

the Gallipoli Houses


The 'Yavus' battery (situated on the Asian side between Kumkale and Yeni-sehir) - then

"The 'Yavus' battery (situated on the Asian side between Kumkale and Yeni-sehir)", picture reproduced from “The Battle for The Dardanelles-1915”, (Berlin 1927), Major Dr. Carl Mühlmann, p. 138



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The 'Yavus' battery (situated on the Asian side between Kumkale and Yeni-sehir) - now




The first party to land was from the Vengeance, and consisted of 50 marines under Major G.M. Heriot, and a demolition party under Lieut.-Commander E.G. Robinson, R.N.  Landing at 2.30 pm at Kum Kale pier, they met with no opposition until some little way inland, when they advance was checked by a brisk fire. About the same time their left flank guard, pushed out towards the Mendere River, was ambushed with the loss of one killed and two wounded. These were the only casualties of the day, and the demolition party, supported by fire from the Dublin, succeeded in reaching Fort 4 on Orkanie Mound, which they found deserted. The one remaining gun and two anti-aircraft guns were blown up, and, despite the attentions of some snipers, the whole detachment re-embarked without further loss.

"Military Operations: Gallipoli", Volume I, (London 1929), Brigadier-General Cecil F. Aspinall-Oglander, p. 78-79



The King has been graciously pleased to approve of the grant of the Victoria Cross to Lieutenant-Commander (now Commander) Eric Gascoigne Robinson, R. N. , for the conspicuous act of bravery  specified below. Lieutenant-Commander Robinson on the




26th February advanced alone, under heavy fire, into an enemy's gun position, which might well have been occupied, and destroying a four-inch gun, returned to his party for another charge with which the second gun was destroyed. Lieutenant-Commander Robinson would not allow members of his demolition party to accompany him as their white uniforms rendered them very conspicuous.

"The London Gazette“, No. 29264, 16th August

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