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At the beginning of May a small party of Australians had been landed at Gaba Tepe under the covering fire of two destroyers, but, like the British on V Beach on April 25th., could get no further than a high ridge of sand at the edge of the beach, and had to be evacuated. The Australian casualties had been slight, but would have been far greater if the Turks had not withheld their fire when the evacuation began. The minor operation, carried out by a few men in broad daylight with inadequate support from the troops on Bolton’s Ridge, was the only attempt made by Birdwood to extend his position to the south by making use of the guns of the warships.

“Gallipoli”, Robert Rhodes James, p. 180










"Shelters of Leane's party - Gabatepe - showing the bank under which Leane's party sheltered. The holes dug by them can be seen under the figure on the bank. The severest fire came from the extreme right", period picture reproduced from “The Story of Anzac", (Sydney 1981) Volume I, Charles E. W. Bean, p.562

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