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"A Gurkha standing on Y beach (Gurkha Beach) shortly after he capture of Gurkha Bluff", period picture reproduced from "Gully Ravine-Gallipoli", (Barnsley 2003), Steven Chambers, p. 42




 On the night of May 12th-13th there had been a brilliant example of what could be done with effective co-ordination between the Navy and the Army when the Gurkhas captured a heavily entrenched promontory which dominated Y Beach and Gully Spur and from where the Turks had not been dislodged in the second battle of Krithia. With the cruiser Talbot and destroyer Wolverine in close support the Indians stormed and captured the position-henceforth known as Gurkha Bluff-with relatively trivial casualties.

“Gallipoli”, Robert Rhodes James, p. 202

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