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gully ravine

Ambulance wagon led by horses through the mud -  Mud and mule after a heavy downpour - Fusiliers returning from the trenches, June 1915, period pictures reproduced from "Gully Ravine-Gallipoli", (Barnsley 2003), Steven Chambers, p. 59, 46, 102.

the first authentic hotel on the Gallipoli peninsula

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gully ravine - redoubt Cthe gully - close to the front line

in the gully










Of Gully Ravine a Scottish chaplain wrote: ‘ What a wonderful and romantic gorge it is - its earthen cliffs cut into a fantastic shapes by rain and stream; tributary ravines breaking down at every angle into the main cleft. Scrub and heather grew wherever a root-hold was possible; and flowers were still blooming in shady nooks. A multitude of khaki-clad men at arms, with their crazy shelters, dug outs, and open-air kitchens, their transport and water-carts and animals, crowded the bottom.

"Gallipoli”, Robert Rhodes James, p. 161-162



"A soldier pauses in one of the endless fatigue tasks to look contemplatively at the body of one of this mates, awaiting a burial party", picture reproduced from “Gallipoli Illustrated”, (Blair Athol-1981), Kit Denton, p. 137



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