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courtney's post

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the Gallipoli Houses


"Courtney's Post - One of the best photographs taken of an Anzac trench system.  The frontline is just over the crest; the reserve trenches are near the top left hand corner; the white earth spilled down the cliffside is from the mines running out to the front; the zigzag trackup the steep cliff is clearly shown.", period picture reproduced from "The New Zealanders at Gallipoli", (Auckland 1921), Major Fred Waite, p. 115.

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Only briefly, at Courtney’s Post, did the Turks break into the Australian position, and they were ejected from there by a party of men of the 14th Battalion, of whom only Lance-Corporal Jacka, their leader survived.  He was awarded the VC, the 1st Australian to gain this distinction, fighting with riffle, bayonet and bare hands until the enemy fled.

"Gallipoli", (London 2000), Michael Hickey, p. 180

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