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"Çimenlik fortress - late 19th century", period pictures reproduction provided by Abdullah Ayer - private collection.


Çimenlik fortress - from across the Dardanelles

The Çimenlik Fort (also known as Hamidiye III) is a 150 x 100 metres rectangular building, with 5.8 metre-thick walls which were strengthened by corner and intermediary towers.  Part of the southern wall was demolished in the 19th century when bastions and bunkers were added.  Inside the outer walls is a four-storey, 22 metre high rectangular keep with a 29 x 44 metre base and 7 metre thick walls.  A small single minaret mosque adjoins the entrance tower.  It was built with the fort by Mehmet the Conquerer in 1452 and is

Çimenlik fortress - second courtyard

known as the Mecidi Mosque.  Beyond the tower is the mosque built in the 19th century by Sultan Abdulaziz when he installed the long-range artillery guns, the bastions and bunkers.

Gallipoli Battlefield Guide”, (Barnsley 2000), Tonie & Valmai Holt, p. 233



Çimenlik fortress

Çimenlik fortress - first courtyard


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Old ammunition in the Cimenlik fortress near Canakkale", picture reproduced from “The Battle for The Dardanelles - 1915”, (Berlin 1927), Major Dr. Carl Mühlmann, p. 117

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