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33rd Brigades landed at B beach, while artillery, mules, horses and supplies were landed at C Beach.  Until Suvla Base was established C Beach was where IX Corps’ supplies


“Suvla, August 7th : British troops after disembarkation”
picture reproduced from “Gallipoli”, Robert Rhodes James, p. 314

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were landed.  Both landing beaches maintained a vital function in supplying the southern portion of the front line until December.

Gallipoli- A battelefield Guide, (East Roseville 2000), Phil Taylor & Pam Cupper, p. 225

For the August landing 1600 m of the beach stretching South was divided in two sectors coded C beach and B beach.  On 6-7 August infaüntry of the 32nd and

“C beach, August 8. – This beach was extensively used for landing stores and ambulance wagons.  In the distance can be seen the Sari Bair Range, which runs down to the Australian position at Anzac.”, picture of watercolour reproduced from “The Dardanelles”, (London 1916), Norman Wilkinson, p. 76

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