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bridges road

the first authentic hotel on the Gallipoli peninsula

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A road leading to the right from Shrapnel Valley towards Wire Gully. Named in memory of General Bridges, the Australian Divisional Commander, who was mortally wounded in Shrapnel Valley.

"The New Zealanders at Gallipoli", (Auckland 1921), Major Fred Waite, p. 319.

"Bridges Road", period picture reproduced from  "Gallipoli Mission", (Crows Nest 1990), Charles E.W. Bean, p. 74

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"William Throsby Bridges, commander of the 1st Australian Division, who died from a legwood in May.  Shy and gruff and unknowable, he found grace when dead approached",  period picture reproduced from "Gallipoli",  (Sydney 2002), Les Carlyon, p. 232

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