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Angle and the western branch of Monash Valley. The attack was a disaster. The 16th Battalion, for example, lost 8 officers and 330 men on this night; most of them at the Bloody Angle. The Otago Battalion lost at least 10 officers and 252 men. Altogether the action cost appro-ximately 1,000 men. The Bloody Angle essentially formed a gap in the Anzac front line. It remained No Man's Land until the evacuation, held only at night by patrols.

Information reproduced from the "Gallipoli" website of the late Jul Snelders, a true "Gallipolian".






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Central Anzac sector. The gully at the eastern fork of Monash Valley, between Dead Man's Ridge and Quinn's Post. The rear of the Bloody Angle was completely open to, and overlooked from, The Nek, which was, from the end of the first day of fighting until the evacuation, held by the Turks. In the afternoon of the 25th April, remnants of the Australian and New Zealand battalions which had been fighting all day to hold Baby 700 were forced back into this and other positions along the Second Ridge. By the morning of the 26th April, any troops remaining in the Bloody Angle were driven out or killed by the Turks on The Nek. On the night of May 2nd an attempt was made to capture Baby 700 by way of the Bloody


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