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the Gallipoli HousesANZAC-trenches, tunnels & dugouts

was seized for a short time by the commander of the Australian advance unit, Lieutenant Eric Tulloch on the eight months of fighting that Allied troops reached Battleship Hill.

“Gallipoli Battlefield Guide”, (Istanbul 2006), Gürsel Göncü & Şahin Aldoğan, p. 63



Just before reaching Chunuk Bair, a signpost at the left hand side of the road marks an important spot on the battlefield: Battleship Hill ( Düztepe- Flat Hill ), also known to the Allies as Big 700.
During part of the campaign, the Turkish 10th regiment, which operated under Mustafa Kemal’s famous 19th Division, defended this position. The remains of this trenches that can still be seen here were mainly obsevation posts. From April 25 onwards the British fleet kept up an almost continuous bombardment of Battleship Hill.
Düztepe was especially important because, together with Baby 700, it blocked the direct approach to Chunuk Bair from the south and south west and was the last ridge line on the way to that important position. The peak of the hill to the right of the road




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