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anzac gully

the first authentic hotel on the Gallipoli peninsula

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Above this narrow beach, ‘already piled up with ammunition, water in tins, and tanks, stores, troops landing, dressing stations and wounded being re-embarked, Bridges, Godley and Birdwood establi-shed their divisional and corps headquarters. They were all crammed into the mouth of a narrow gully, cut as a step into the seaward face of Plugge’s Plateau. It reflected the plight of their men around them. There were three headquarters of the Corps, within 100 metres of each other, perhaps 100 metres from the beach, and no more than 700-1000 metres to the farthest point inland of their front line.

“Gallipoli, The
New Zealand Story”, (Auckland 1998),  Christopher Pugsley, p. 158

"Anzac headquarters made of sandbags and supply boxes after the evacuation", picture reproduced from "The War Magazine", (Istanbul-2004), p. 71





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