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the first authentic hotel on the Gallipoli peninsula

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I suddenly realized that the fighting had ceased except for a personal bayonet fight between a Dublin and a Turk strictly according to the rulebook, each parrying the otherís thrust.  First the Dublin had a slight advantage, then clever footwork gave the advantage to the Turk.  Both bayonets were pointing to the sky, then pointing to the ground.  Advantage to the Irishman; the Turk pushed him away; both thrust, both parried Ė and so it continued until both men sank to their knees, absolutely exhausted.  They faced each other, gasping for breath, with determination on their faces but no sign of anger. After a few moments we moved forward to collect our man and the Turks did likewise.  We were within armís length of each other but no one spoke . We, and they, hauled our men to their feet, both still holding their rifles at the ready.  Both parties turned and walked slowly





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to their respective trenches.  Not a shot was fired from either line even though there were at least a dozen men ambling about at point-blank range.  As we assisted our lad over the parapet, the boys gave a resounding cheer for the safe return of their conquering hero.  I am certain I heard a similar cheer from the Turkish line.

"Gallipoli 1915", ( London-1977), Joe Murray, p. 206 To see more go to anafartalar war museum


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