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Turkish 15 cm gun near Anafarta



remains of the anafartalar gunsremains of the anafartalar gunsremains of the anafartalar guns

“Turkish 15 cm gun near Anafarta”, picture reproduced from “The Battle for the Dardanelles - 1915”, (Berlin 1927), Major Dr. Carl Mühlmann, p. 127

These 210 millimetre guns, built by the German firm Krupp, stand some 15 metres apart. During the campaign, they caused heavy losses and disruption to the Allies with their long-range fire against targets in both the Suvla and Anzac sectors. ...
... One of the guns is almost intact but the barrel of the other has been destroyed. ...
... Today, the Krupp guns still sit in their original emplacements from the campaign.

“Gallipoli Battlefield Guide”, (Istanbul 2006), Gürsel Göncü & Şahin Aldoğan, p. 127









We never were free of Turk shelling. It wasn’t even safe to swim in Anzac Cove at midnight. The big gun was always shelling from Anafarta _ Farting Annie, we called it. When the shells started falling we would hide among biscuits tins and packing cases stacked on the beach.

Henry Lewis (OIB) quoted in "Voices of Gallipoli", (Auckland 1988),  Maurice Shadbolt, p. 27

where the thing will burst, and as you hear the explosion a quick wave of feeling sweeps over you as you murmur , ’Thank Heaven, not this time !’

Unidentified officer quoted in “Gallipoli”, Robert Rhodes James, p. 156

The first thing one hears is a noise like the rending of linen, or perhaps the rush of steam describes it better. This gets louder and louder, and then, as the projectile nears the end of its journey, one hears a whine, half-whistle, half-scream, and then the explosion. If it is very near there is an acrid smell in the air. One’s feelings are difficult to describe. You duck your head instinctively- you feel absolutely helpless, wondering

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