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alçıtepe - achi baba

the first authentic hotel on the Gallipoli peninsula

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battlefield reminders and relics in gallipoli

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709 feet and its sides sloped gently down to the Aegean through a pleasant country-side of olives and cypresses and scattered farms. But Hamilton was determined to take it. Once on the crest he believed that his guns would enfilade the straits as far as the Narrows, and the enemy line in the south would give way. On April 28 his position was particularly frustrating. He knew that time was running out. He saw the hill before him, and given another fresh division- perhaps even a brigade- he knew that he could have it.

“Gallipoli”, (Ware 1997), Alan Morehead, p. 135

Already Achi Baba had begun to dominate everybody’s mind. It loomed there on the skyline only a mile or two away, but as remote as Constantinople itself. It was not a spectacular hill any way, for its height was only


There was no question now of a coup de main. His army was spent, for the moment; Achi Baba, ablaze with brilliant poppies, was as far as ever; Turk reinforcements were being transported across from Chanak and being marched along the coast road from Kilid Bahr, across behind Ahci Baba along the deep Soghanli Dere, and deployed on the slopes of the mountain, with a marvellous view of the Allied lines straggling across the still green countryside. But while the Turks were rushing every available soldier in the area to the Peninsula, Hamilton was still clinging to the hope that he could take Achi Baba without asking Kitchener for reinforcements, and his reports contained no indication of the serious position of the M.E.F.

“Gallipoli”, Robert Rhodes James, p. 143





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