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"Dressing station - 'A beach'  The Welsh Casuality Clearing Station", watercolour reproduced from "The Dardanelles, (London 1916), Norman Wilkinson, p. 92







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"A casualty reaches the Gallipoli shoreline - a pilgrimage of pain as one man called the journey", period picture reproduced from "Field of Bones", (Dublin 2006), Philip Orr, p. 176

There are several ‘A’ beaches, due to changes in plan and mix-ups during the landings of 6-7 August.  In the final plan of 3 August this was the original A beach where the 34th Brigade was expected to land. Due to faulty navigation in the dark the brigade landed south of the Cut.  When other beaches in the bay were named ‘A beach’ this one in time became known as ‘Old A beach’.  Following the landings a Casualty Clearing Station (CCS) was situated above the beach in pitched tents, with the Union Jack and a Red Cross flag fluttering from a pole. 

Gallipoli- A battelefield Guide, (East Roseville 2000), Phil Taylor & Pam Cupper, p. 225

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