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Lone pine

Total surprise was achieved, but on arrival in the Turkish frontline the troops were dismayed to find that the enemy had roofed his trenches with pine logs
Anxious watchers in the Australian main positions saw the attackers desperately wrenching at the log covering the Turkish trenches, firing down through the weapon slits and embrasures, then disappearing into the darkness below, where a fight of frenzied violence took place.  Fists knives, bayonets, bombs and teeth were all employed as the foul-smelling underground stronghold was taken. The Turks fought as stubbornly as their attackers and for forty-eight hours the issue was in doubt.  When sheer exhaustion compelled both sides to rest, the Turkish position had been taken, but at dreadful cost.
In the next line of Turkish trenches the garrison watched as their old frontline began to bristle with Australian trench periscopes, silhouetted against the skyline, and they

the Gallipoli Houses



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nervously prepared to withstand another Australian onslaught.  As the battle raged, Australian soldiers from all parts of the beach-head swarmed towards Lone Pine to join in, many offering a months pay to reliefs going up to the line for a place in the mle,  regimental police had to be posted, most unusually, to stop unauthorized men going forward to join the attack.  Seven VCs were awarded for this battle, in which 1700 Australians fell.  It was the apotheosis of all that the AIF stood for and the pinnacle of the Australian effort at Gallipoli.

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