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Others were not so luckly on this desastrous Saturday, 7th August 1915. The first and second wave was composed of the 8th Australian Light Horse Regiment and by 4.40 am 234 men lay killed or wounded no more than 30 meter in front of their own trench :

The men of the first wave put their feet onto pegs or in niches cut in the trench wall, while those in the shallow saps crouched ready to scramble out. Then on the order from White –“Go!”- they climbed up with their colonel in the lead.  The moment they rose above ground level rifle fire and long machine-gun bursts swept through them.

"The Nek", (Kenthurst 1996), Peter Burness, p. 101


Captain George Hore, a barrister, got further than most in the second line. He said he bent down low and ran as hard as he could.  He could see the trench ahead aflame with rifle fire.  Bullets kicked up dust around him.  Hore felt a ‘sting’ in his shoulder. He flung himself down, alone.  He would have been picked off easily had he not fallen near a fold in the ground and the swollen body of a Turk killed in the attack of June 30.  He crept close to the corpse as though it were a perfumed angel.  What should he do? Rush the Turkish trench alone ?? A bullet struck him in the foot and removed that option.  He edged his way back to the Australian line and lived.

"Gallipoli",  (
Sydney 2002), Les Carlyon, p. 405

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revolver then gave the order and led out the next wave. Once again a furious fire erupted from the Turks opposite and the Western Australians’ attack was torn away: The roar and smoke of the rifle and machine-gun fire had been joined by a Turkish 75mm field gun bursting shrapnel over no-man’s-land.

"The Nek", (Kenthurst 1996), Peter Burness, p. 113

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Of the 10th Australian Light Horse Regiment, which made up the 3rd and 4th wave, 138 men lay killed or wounded in no-mans' land by 05.20 am :

ajor Tom Todd, who was in command of the third line, steadied himself, gripped his