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After the landings the Helles line was pushed slowly forward in the three battles of Krithia.  The first battle was fought on 28th April and the ground gained held against a Turkish counter-attack on 2nd May.  For the second battle from the 4th to the 6th May the British 29th Division on the left and the French Division on the right were reinforced by a composite Division consisting on the 2nd Australian Brigade, The New Zealand Brigade and two battalions from the Royal Naval Division; and for the third battle by the 42nd British Division and the 29th Indian Infantry Brigade.  The gain of these three battles was an

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advance of less than three km on a five km front. On 28th June a successful engagement resulted in a useful advance on the left flank.  The line thus formed was to remain static until the evacuation; an Allied attack from 6th to 13th August in support of the Suvla and Anzac operations made no permanent gain.



Skew Bridge and Twelve Tree Copse Cemeteries take their names from topographical features; Pink Farm from the Red soil on which it stood; and Redoubt Cemetery from the name of the line on which the Allied advance halted after the second battle.  In these four cemeteries are the graves of those who died in the eight months of fighting after the landing.

Transcribed from the plaque inside the gate of Pink Farm Cemetery


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Map detail reproduced from "Military Operations: Gallipoli", Volume II - maps & appendices, (London 1929), Brigadier-General Cecil F. Aspinall-Oglander.

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Pink Farm Cemetery

Pink Farm Cemetery

Pink Farm Cemetery


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