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Meanwhile, the condition of the wounded is indescribable. They lie in the sand in rows upon rows, their faces caked with sand and blood; one murmur for water; no shelter from the sun; many of them in saps, with men passing all the time scattering more dust on them. There is hardly any possibility of transporting them. The fire zones are desperate, and the saps are blocked with ammunition transport and mules, also whinnying for water, carrying food, etc. Some unwounded men almost mad from thirst, cursing.







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We have a terrible view here: lines of wounded creeping up from the hospital to the cemetery like a tide, and the cemetery is going like a live thing to meet the wounded.

diary entry of 10th August -
"Mons, Anzac & Kut", (London 1930) Aubrey Herbert, p. 181-182

"The Casualty clearing station below nr 2 Outpost.  Shrapnel and sniper fire made evacuation by day impossible.  The lines of wounded would eventually reach back to Anzac Cove", period picture reproduced from "Gallipoli, The New Zealand Story", (Auckland 1998), Christopher Pugsley, p. 307

No. 2 Post was the scene of heavy fighting at the end of May and it was one of the starting points for the Battle of Sari Bair.  It contained the best well in Anzac and medical facilities were established close by.  No. 2 Outpost Cemetery (Identified : 38, Unknown : 66, Special Memorials : 48) was made during the occupation.

"2002 Brochure of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission"