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Lala baba hill at Suvla

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From Ariburnu the coast bends north for six miles in an unbroken line to the spit of Nibrunesi.  Two miles north of Nibrunesi is the spit of Suvla, which gives its name to the intervening bay.  On the

shores of this bay on the morningof the seventh of August, 1915, twenty-two British battalions, consisting of over twenty thousand men, faced with the task of


 Inscription at the entrance of the Lala Baba cemetery

Lala Baba cemetery - a general view








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occupying an empty ridge that commanded the bay a little more than four miles inland, failed to overcome the opposition of a detachment of fifteen hundred Turks.  It is therefore important to remember that the New Army battalions at this new landing were a young citizen army, untrained for the guerrilla type of warfare they were to encounter, unhardened to the conditions of life on the Peninsula, and many of them, as a result of their stay on the neighbouring islands, already afflicted with the diseases prevalent on the Peninsula itself.

"The Fading Vision", (London 1936),
John North, p.145

One of the Generals that fell in Gallipoli lies here. A personal friend of Churchill, who mentions him among others in his "The World Crisis" - Volume II (p. 451) :

On this dark battlefield of fog and flame Brigadier-General Lord Longford, Brigadier-General Kenna, V.C., Colonel Sir John Milbanke, V.C. and other paladins fell.

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