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Bursa mobile Gendarme-rie Regiments commen-ced duties in the war zone in August 1914 and the Beyoğlu Mobile Gen-darmerie Regiment in January 1915.

Hostile artillery fire till now only from men-of-war.  Our artillery has suffered no damage. 4th Cavalry Regiment arrived in Schamlitekke, 2 miles south-east of Anafarta Sagir, at 5pm, and has been brought up to he Anafarta spur as dismounted riflemen.  Machine-gun detachment from the fleet has not arrived. Will hold Ismail Tepe (W Hills) position under the circumstances.  Beg you to hasten arrival of XVI Corps.

The Gendarmes were an important part of Major Willmers' small but very successful defence force in Suvla.

On the 7th August about 6 pm Willmer ordered the troops at  Chocolate Hills to retire to a new position on the Anafarta spur. At 7 pm he files his report to the 5th Army HQ which is translated by Aspinall-Oglander in "Military Operations-Gallipoli" - Volume II (p. 266) :

The landing of hostile forces has continued all day.  Estimate their present strength as at least 1 ½ divisions.  No energetic attacks on the enemy’s part have taken place.  On the contrary, the enemy is advancing timidly.  His skirmishers were fired on by our artillery with good effect.
Hill 10 had to be evacuated in the face of superior forces. Kiretch Tepe and Mestan Tepe (Green Hill) still in our hands.  Am expecting a powerful attack against the latter tonight.

Today, as in the past the Gendarmerie is an inseparable part of the Turkish armed forces. Its primary duty is to provide security and public order in the country in peacetime, so  that the citizens are content and sure of their future.  The Gendarmerie undertakes this mission under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and in every era it is the eyes, hands and feet of the state…
… During the War, the Gelibolu, Bursa, and Beyoğlu mobile Gendarmerie Regiments functioned in accordance with instructions given in a state of war.
Every Regiment had two Battalions.  The Gelibolu and

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The Kireçtepe cemetery



In the "2003 yearbook of Gallipoli Studies", (p.157), in an article called “The contribution of Gendarmerie units to the Turkish Army at Gallipoli”, Adnan Türkeli explains the duties of the Gendarmerie :

The inscription on the Kireçtepe Gendarmes Memorial reads as follows :

Between the 6th. and the 8th. of August 1915 three companies of the heroic Gallipoli and
Bursa Gendarme Battalions stopped English forces, which consisted of two Brigades on Karakoldag and Kirectepe, and  successfully defended the northern flank of the Anafarta front.