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"Graves of German soldiers at Anadolu Hamidiye" Reproduced from period postcards (Başar Eryoner - private collection)

American Ambassador Henry Morgenthau visits the Dardanelles Strait defences a few days before the main Naval Attack and -among others- pays a visit to the "Anadolu Hamidiye" (*). Although  certainly a bit exaggered it proves the presence of Germans in the defence works :

The first fortification I visited was that of Anadolu Hamidié (that is, Asiatic Hamidié) located on the water's edge just outside of Tchanak. My first impression was that I was in Germany.  The officers were practically all Germans and everywhere Germans were building buttresses with sacks of sand and in other ways strengthening the emplacements. Here German, not Turkish, was the language heard on every side.

"Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story", (Kessinger Publications), p. 132

(*) Anadolu is the Asian shore of the Strait, opposite to Rumeli which indicates the European shore. Very often the distiction Anadolu - Rumeli was made as batteries of the same name were on both shores.

Graves of German soldiers at Anadolu Hamidiye

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Graves of German soldiers at Anadolu Hamidiye











"German soldiers in Gallipoli" period picture repro-duced, Klaus Wolf - private collection

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We had the right to rejoyce over the victory of 18th March but without forgetting our duty to be ready for the next day.  Reports started coming in from the different batteries.  We learned that our casualities which included several officers and the 20 German soldiers at “Anatolian Hamidye” did not surpass 100. We also learned that a 24 cm gun at Hamidiye was completely  put out of use, but the other guns can be made ready again by doing a few small repairs.

Translated from “Çanakkale Memoirs”, Çanakkale recollections / Volume I, (Istanbul 2005), Salahattin Adil Paşa, p. 136

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We saw that our strongest battery, the Hamidiye, was under heavy enemy fire and there were water columns and dust clouds appearing due to the direct hits received by the battery. I phoned the battery commander and he said that trenches are receiving direct hits and some guns are covered with earth, however they are now being cleaned and there is no serious damage. He also told me that they were going to open fire as soon as the enemy ships enter their range. This answer made me relax a little, however I know that the situation was going against us.

Translated from “Çanakkale Memoirs”, Çanakkale recollections / Volume I, (Istanbul 2005), Salahattin Adil Paşa, p. 133 and 136