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of the German soldiers who participated in the battle of Gallpoli [...]

On the highest point of this hill rest the heroes of our Marine corps who fell during the battles in Ariburnu, Anafarta and Seddülbahir and who were buried here by there comrades, high up with a stunning view.

I saw the graves of Lt at Sea Hildebrandt, four first sailors, a navy sergeant and two sailors, who died here between July and the end of 1915.
Above them rises an impressive granite base embellished with an old ships’ anchor and to create an ever lasting memorial for their dead comrades, the machinegun section have dragged a few dozens of old stone Turkish canonballs up the hill. A silent and peaceful atmosphere reigns at the final resting place of “the bleu boys”.

the Turkish Headquarters”, (Leipzig-1916), Paul Schweder, p.115 & 160


Paul Schweder, a German war corres-pondent, visited the Gallipoli peninsula as early as 1916 and wrote :

Already today, on the all dominating hill of Kilia tepe, with victory flags flying over Gallipoli and the Straits, stands a mighty monument dedicated to some





In the province of Çanakkale a total of 17 soldiers are buried. Of these 6 are buried near the Fortress of Hamidiye near the entrance of the Dardanelles, 4 in Top-tchamlar, 1 in Chevketie, 2 in Hajak-tcheche near Haili-ili in the district of Ezine and 4 in Ali Bey Tchechme near Tchataltepe.
On the Gallipoli peninsula 18 German soldiers are buried near the Ali Bey Tchiflik in the district of Kilana near Maydos.

Transcribed from a document of the German Embassy, Istanbul, dated 12th March 1925, courtesy of Klaus Wolf.


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"German soldiers in Gallipoli" period picture reproduced, Klaus Wolf - private collection

(No caption) picture & detail reproduced from a period postcard (Başar Eryoner - private collection)




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