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Doughty-Wylie, who had spent a number of years in Turkey (*) as a soldier-diplomat and loved the Turkish people, could not bring himself to bear arms against them and led the attack armed only with his cane, cheering and encouraging the men forward with no regard to his own safety.  The troops swept on to the summit of Hill 141, where Doughty-Wylie was killed.  He was buried where he fell; after the war, the Turks insisted that their honoured friend should remain alone at the scene of his final victory.

Gallipoli", (London 2000), Michael Hickey, p. 139

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Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Hotham Montagu Doughty-Wylie

Map detail reproduced from "Military Operations: Gallipoli", Volume I - maps & appendices, (London 1929), Brigadier-General Cecil F. Aspinall-Oglander.



1907 : British military Consul in Konya.
1909 : stopped the massacre of Armenian Christians with 50 Turkish Soldiers.
1912-13 : commanded a red cross unit serving with the Turks.
1913 : was awarded the Imperial Ottoman Order of Mecdiye-2nd Class.

Gallipoli", (London 2000), Michael Hickey, p. 139


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men got up to and passed him actually over the castle walls; personally, I noticed him on two or three occasions always in front and cheering his men on.
As soon as I came up and realized that he was dead, I took his watch, money and a few things I could find and had him buried where he fell. I had this done at once, having seen such disgusting sights of unburied dead in the village that I could not bear to have him lying there.

Colonel Williams quoted in "Helles Landing-Gallipoli", (Barnsley-2003), Huw & Jill Rodge, p. 161





I came up shortly after he had fallen; the men round about were full of admiration and sorrow. They told me he was first the whole way up the slope and it was only in the last few yards that some four or five




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