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detail of the relief of the Gallipoli Campaign

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friendship and peace : Turkish & australian soldiers shake hands

Dear Visitor,
The place you are in lies within the grounds of the monument, which was erected in memory of 250.000 martyrs who sacrified their life for their motherland and Turkish honour. Let us commemorate those who gave us this beautiful country of ours.

Translated from an inscription at the Abide Memorial.

The official records of the Turkish General Staff, complimented with the lists of casualities & missing of the main battles that took place during this 8,5 months’ campaign, give us the following figures.

Main battles : 115.000 dead & wounded.
Other battles (trench warfare/daily conflicts) : 40.000 dead & wounded.
Missing : 9.178 dead.
Prisoners of war : 2000.
Total losses : 166.178 dead, wounded & prisoners of war.
Total losses classification :  66.262 dead, 97.916 wounded, 2000 pow.

This “table” is of course insufficient as it only shows the casualities on the battlefields.

fighter jets over the Abide, 24th April 2006

the Gallipoli houses



memorials and cemeteries in gallipoli




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detail of the relief of the Gallipoli Campaign


Do not ignore the ground on which you have walked,
It is not ordinary soil.
Reflect on the thousands of people who lie beneath,
without a schroud.
You are the son of a Martyr-
do not hurt your ancestor,
do not give away this beautiful Motherland,
Even if you have the whole world.”

From the poem “To the Martyrs of Çanakkale”
by Mehmet Akif Ersoy.

(translated by S. Tanvir Wasti)

O Soldier, for this earth’s sake, fallen to the dust,
If your heavenly forbears kissed your brow, ‘twere just.
Brave you are, your blood makes “God is one” victorious,
Only the lions of Bahr could be as glorious.
Who can dig a sepulchre great enough for you ?
History itself, say I, cannot contain you.

From the poem “To the Martyrs of Çanakkale”
by Mehmet Akif Ersoy.

(translated by S. Tanvir Wasti)






Atatürk, founder of the Turkish Republic









The Abide and Morto bay


wounded soldiers


Atatürk, founder of the Turkish Republic, at his commandpost













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translated from "the homeland is beyond the trenches", (Istanbul 2006), Gürsel Göncü-Şahin Aldoğan, p. 145

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the relief of the Gallipoli Campaign