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Judas-trees in full bloom


Major Percy John Overton

Trooper Malcolm McInnes




The original grave of Major Overton


"Major Overton's Grave", picture reproduced from "The New Zealanders at Gallipoli", (Auckland 1921), Major Fred Waite, p. 216.



Private H. W. Day


7th Field Ambulance Cemetery


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Overton quoted in "Gallipoli-The New Zealand Story", (Auckland 1998), Christopher Pugsley, p. 214


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Godley thanked me. The last time I was out for two nights and a day and I took Trooper McInnes and Corporal Young. We had a most exciting and interesting time dodging Turkish outposts. I was able from what I saw of the country to make a map and gain much information as to the movements of the Turks, and would not have missed the experience for the world.


Major Percy Overton, who was killed on the first day of the August offensive, had been scouting the "left hook" area earlier in preparation for the attack :
I have been out on two occasions outside our outposts and through the Turkish lines. The first time I took Corporal Denton and we had a great day together and gained a lot of valuable information for which General


War dairy of the 1/1st Suffolk Yeomanry (The Duke of York's Own Loyal Suffolk Hussars) - November 1915  : Major Guinness records the chance death of private H.W. Day (16th), the case of a shell fired at an aero plane coming through the roof of a dugout, hitting him between the shoulder blades and killing him instantly.

"British Regiments at Gallipoli", (Barnsley
1996), Ray Westlake, p. 278