battlefield reminders and relics in gallipoli



"Silent witnesses" features a list of still visible reminders on the Gallipoli battlefields such as relics, trenches, dugouts, fortres-ses, batteries and musea.



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 the battlefields of the Gallipoli Campaign

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If Stones Could Speak
Silent Witnesses
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Castles, Fortresses & Batteries

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Trenches, Dugouts & Tunnels

Battlefield Relics, Collections & Musea

Famous Battlefield locations









baka baba (trenches)
kireçtepe (trenches & dugouts)
lala baba (trenches)
scimitar hill (trenches)
suvla salt lake lines (trenches)
w-hills (trenches)

battleship hill (trenches)
big sap (the) (trenches)

bolton's ridge (trenches)
chunuk bair (trenches)
hill 60 (trenches)
johnston's jolly (tunnels & trenches)
kabatepe (trenches & gunpits)
kabatepe beach (dugouts)
lone pine (trenches & tunnels)

mc Laurin's ridge (dugout)
nek (the) (trenches)

plugge's plateau (trenches)
rhododendron ridge (tunnels)

rhododendron ridge & table top (trenches)
russell's top (trenches)

shrapnel valley (main sap)

achi baba nullah / kanlıdere (dugout)
alçıtepe (trenches & observation post)

eskihissarlik (gunpits)
gully ravine / redoubt c
gully spur (trenches)
gurkha bluff (trenches)
haricot (le) (trenches)
hill 138 - hunter weston HQ (dugout)
hill 141 (dugout)
kerevizdere (trenches & dugouts)
observation hill (trenches)

pink farm (trenches)
redoubt line (the) (trenches)
rognon (le) (trenches)
v-beach (trenches)
w-beach (dugout)

the gallipoli campaign


Those looking for more information on battlefield relics in Gallipoli will certainly find what they are looking for here.

silent witnesses

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değermen burnu battery
ertuğrul battery
hamidiye (europe) battery
kilitbahir fortress

mecidiye (europe) battery
mesudiye (europe) battery
namazgah battery
seddülbahir fortress
yildiz battery

nagara & mecidiye (asia) batteries
çimenlik fortress
hamidiye (asia) battery
dardanos battery
çakaltepe, topçamlar & halileli battery
intepe battery
kumkale fortress

orhaniye battery


aberdeen gully
achi baba-alçıtepe
achi baba nullah
(kanlı dere)
artillery road & row -

bakery beach
boomerang (the)

border barricade - gully ravine
brown house/white house
bruce's ravine
camber (the)
daisy patch (the)

eski line (the)
fir tree spur
fusiliers' bluff

geoghegan bluff ("G" bluff)
gully beach
gully ravine
gully spur
gurkha bluff
hill 141 / the old fort
hunter-weston hill (hill 138)
kereviz dere
krithia spur
romano's well
skew bridge

s-beach (morto bay)
twelve tree copse

vineyard (the)

w-beach (lancashire landing)


zigzag (the) - gully ravine
zimmermann's farm

The Dardanelles
kumkale (landing beaches)
Turkish cemetery - Kumkale

mac cay's hill
mac lagans' ridge
mac laurins' hill
malone valley

monash valley
mule gully
nek (the)
north beach

olive grove (the)
outpost nr 1 /maori pah
outpost nr 2

outpost (old nr 3)
owen's gully
plateau 400
plugge's plateau
pope's hill

poppy valley
quinn's post
razors edge

reserve gully
rest gully
rhododendron ridge
russell's top
sandbag ridge
sazlı dere

scrubby knoll
shell green
shrapnel valley
sniper's nest
sphinx (the)
steele's post
table top
table top (little)
taylors' gap

turks' point
walkers ridge
wellington gully
wellington terrace
white gully

wire gully


The Dardanelles













atatürks' house - bigali
beetle - suvla harbour
exhibit / village - bigali
guns (turkish) - anafarta
peace museum (the) - büyük anafarta

bill the horse - cwgc cottages/anzac
gun (mesidiye) - baby 700

guns (turkish) - kabatepe
landing craft - kabatepe & north beach
museum - kabatepe
pine (alleppo) tree - lone pine
watertanks - the nek

beach road (the) - w-beach
earth bank - v-beach
exhibit "ahmet uslu" - seddülbahir
exhibit "çanakkale wars" - alçıtepe
exhibit "salim mutlu" - alçıtepe

gun (german) - behind v-beach
gun (turkish) - helles memorial
gun (turkish/post campaign) behind v-beach
guns (french) - s-beach

guns (french) - behind v-beach
landing (model of the) - above v-beach
lighter (stranded) - gully beach
mortar base - achi baba nullah
museum - abide
pier (river clyde) - v-beach
waterdepots - hill 114
well (man-made) - gully ravine

The Dardanelles
anti-submarine net - kilye koy
bigali castle
çamburnu castle
exhibit of the forestry hq - eceabat
guns (turkish) eceabat & çanakkale
guns (turkish) yüzelyalı & karınlık limanı
information centre - kilye koy
museum of the straits' high command
shell (35 / queen elisabeth) - çimenlik fortress

b & c beaches
boot (the) & green knoll
chocolate & green hills
cut (the)
d-beach (the cove)
dublin castle

harbours (the)
hill 10
jephson's post
karakol hill & gap

kavak & tekke tepe
lala baba
nibrunesi point
scimitar hill
suvla (the lake & the plain)

aghyl dere
anzac cove

anzac gully
artillery road
australia valley
baby 700
battleship hill (big 700)
bloody angle
bolton's ridge & hill
braund's hill

bridges' road
brighton beach

brown's dip
camel's hump
chailak dere
chatman's post
cheshire ridge
chessboard (the)

chunuk bair
courtney's post

cup (the)
dead men's ridge
destroyer hill
farm (the)
fisherman's hut
german officers' trench
gun ridge
happy valley
harris ridge
hell spit
hill 60
hill 971 (kocaçimentepe)
hill Q (the saddle)

holly spur
johnston jolly
legge valley

lone pine


if stones could speak

the gallipoli houses

the observation post