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features all Turkish, C.W.G.C., French and German cemeteries & memorials to the fallen, past & present, erected (and some destroyed) to remember those who gave their life during the Gallipoli Campaign.

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If stones could speak
Silent witnesses

The grand gallipolian

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They shall grow not old, as we that are left to grow old.
Age shall not weary them, Nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun, And in the morning,
We will remember them.

The Ode" or "Act of Remembrance",
is the fourth stanza of a poem by Laurence Binyon




Helles Memorial
Lancashire Landing Cemetery
Lt-Colonel Doughty-Wylie’s Grave
Pink Farm Cemetery
Redoubt Cemetery
Skew Bridge Cemetery
Twelve Tree Copse Cemetery
Twelve Tree Copse (New Zealand) Memorial
V-beach Cemetery

4th Battalion Parade Ground Cemetery
7th Field Ambulance Cemetery
Anzac Ceremonial Site
Anzac Cove
Ariburnu Cemetery
Baby 700 Cemetery
Beach Cemetery (The)
Canterbury Cemetery
Chunuk Bair Cemetery
Chunuk Bair New Zealand Memorial Wall
Chunuk Bair New Zealand National Memorial
Courtney’s and Steel’s Post Cemetery
Embarkation Pier Cemetery
Farm Cemetery (The)
Hill 60 (New Zealand) Memorial
Hill 60 Cemetery
Johnston’s Jolly Cemetery
Lone Pine (Australian & NZ) Memorial
Lone Pine Cemetery

Nek Cemetery (The)
New Zealand no 2 Outpost Cemetery
No 2 Outpost Cemetery
Plugge’s Plateau Cemetery
Quinn’s Post Cemetery
Shell Green Cemetery
Shrapnel valley Cemetery
Walker’s Ridge Cemetery

Azmak Cemetery
Green Hill Cemetery
Hill 10 Cemetery
Lala Baba Cemetery

Çanakkale Consular Cemetery


the abide at helles


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The Dardanelles







if stones could speak




Abide-Çanakkale Martyr's Monument
Alçıtepe Massgrave
Gully Ravine Dressing Station Cemetery & Memorial

Gully Ravine Soldiers' Memorial
Halil İbrahims' (private) Grave
Hasans' (Lt-Col) Grave
Mustafa's (2nd Lt) Grave
Nuri Yamut Memorial
Şahindere Memorial & Cemetery

Seddülbahir Ammunition Dump Cemetery
Seddülbahir First Victim's Memorial

Soğandere Memorial
Soğandere Cemetery
Yahya's (Sergeant) Memorial & Cemetery


57th Infantry Regiments' Cemetery & Memorial

Atatürk's Arıburnu Memorial
Arıburnu Memorial

Çataldere Cemetery
Hüseyin Avni Manastırs' (Lt-Col) Grave
Istanbul University Memorial

Karayörükdere Cemetery
Kesikdere Cemetery
Kocadere Hospital Cemetery
Lone Pine (Kanlı Sırt-Bloody Ridge) Memorial
Mehmets' (Captain) Grave
Mehmets' (Sergeant) Memorial
Nazif Çakmaks' (First Lt) Memorial
Soldier's (respect to Turkish) Memorial
Soldiers' (unknown) Grave & Memorial (Chunuk Bair)

Ali Zeynels' (Major) Grave
Anafarta Village Cemetery Memorial

Çamtekke massgrave
Halid (First Lt) & Ali Rıza's (2nd Lt) Graves
Halit (Lt-Col) & Ziya's (Lt-Col) Graves
Kireçtepe Gendarmes' Memorial & Cemetery

The Dardanelles
Akbaş Cemetery & Memorial
Ali Riza's (First Lt) Memorial

Bouvet (battleship) Memorial
Çamburnu Cemetery Memorial
Halileli Battery Cemetery
Hamidiye Battery Cemetery
Havuzlar Memorial
Hospital Hill Cemetery
Intepe Battery Cemetery
Mecidiye Cemetery & Memorial
Tahirs' (Captain) Memorial
Unknown Artillery Captains' Grave
Unknown Captains' Grave


3rd Telegraph Companies' Memorial
Hasan Tahsins' (First Lt) & Regimental Mufti's Graves
Hasan-Mevsuf Battery Cemetery & Memorial

Bouvet (the) Memorial
French Monument & Cemetery
General Gourand Memorial
Kerevizdere Monument
kerevizdere Ossuary
Zimmermann's Farm Memorial
Other French Momuments

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French Cemeteries & Memorials

The Dardanelles
Hamidiye Battery Cemetery
Kilye Tepe German Memorial & Cemetery

Nurse Erica’s Grave
Unidentified Turkish memorial


turkish memorial at the nek


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German Cemeteries & Memorials

french memorial in helles

the grand gallipolian

ridges, valleys & beaches

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Turkish Memorials to the Fallen

CWGC Cemeteries & Memorials

By now death had become a familiar, and they talked about it in a half derisive deprecating slang.  In the same way as the Chinese will laugh at other people’s pain it became a huge joke when the men bathing off the beach were caught in a burst of schrapnel, or when some poor devil had his head blown off while he was in the latrine.  There had to be some sort of expression which would help to rationalize the unbearable circumstances of their lives, and some way to obtaining relief from the shock of it all, and since tears were impossible this callous hard-boiled laughter became the thing.  They were not fatalists.  They believed that a mistake had been made in the landing at Gabatepe and that they might easily have to pay for it with their lives : but they very much wanted to go on living, they were all for the battle and they hoped and believed obscurely that in the end they would win.

Gallipoli, (Ware 1997), Alan Moorehead, p. 148

the gallipoli campaign

silent witnesses

along the dardanelles

the observation post